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"I don’t understand why people think I’m going to indoctrinate you. You already come in here with your own beliefs and if I can’t even get you to read your textbooks how the hell am I supposed to change your political ideology?"

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Dear followers,

We are looking for new submissions! I don’t know if you guys have noticed but a couple if not a herd of tumbleweeds have passed through Fuck Yeah History Professors and our land is drying up! I don’t know how much longer I can keep this Dust Bowl references so please help!

We are always taking submissions not matter how lame or incredible they may be!



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American history was never so interesting.

"Prince Rupert invented a type of brass. How many of you have a patent for brass?? Yeah, didn’t think so! Give it up for Prince Rupert!" —Professor R.


"In New England, who lives in the woods? SATAN. So they wanna cut down all the trees and burn New England to the ground!" —Professor R.

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Prof. W: “You look like you haven’t slept in forever.”

… (some time later)

Prof. W: “Jane isn’t coming to class tonight. But look at the bright side - she must look worse than you.”

Student: “Wha….”

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"We don’t advertise this in the college pamphlet, but if you major in Econ here and you can’t find a job, you can always go to Europe and be a dictator in Spain."

- Prof. G

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My History professor renamed me while I wasn’t even in the classroom! 

I stepped out for a moment, and when I came back, I discovered that my History professor, Prof. W, had re-named me “Cara, Air Force One” while I was gone. “Cara Original” was also briefly discussed, but it was decided that it wasn’t as catchy as the first one. There are two Caras in the class, but I’ve been their for two semesters, both parts of the thesis cycle. Now everyone in class calls me “Cara, Air Force One” while in class.

(names were changed)